Karnataka has been among the states of India that have been sending their Teams to participate in the National Championships year after year since decades.  With more senior players of the State taking up additional burden of coaching at the beginning and advanced levels, game standards have been rising. In recent years the State teams have been tasting success again in some of the
Zonal Championships and in the Nationals.
Indicating the medal hopefuls of the State in the 80th Cadet & Sub junior National Championships this time is a difficult task as all the players have the potential to be among the medals. However, if the past performances are an indication, Aakash KJ, Srikanth Kashyap, Sujan Bharadwaj, Yashaswini Ghorpade and Anargya Manjunath should make Karnataka proud.
In Chandigarh, the venue of this Championship this time, the cold climate poses a challenge to the Contingent that is used to a more temperate weather. At the same time, our young Boys & Girls are being coached and conditioned by competent and dedicated coaches like Suresh Babu, Anirban Tarafder and Anshuman Roy to adapt to the prevailing conditions.
As these lines are being read, our teams would be among the matches, some going easy and others
challenging. It is up to the boys and Girls to put up their best by application of mind, deploying strategic skills and – not to forget – the best wishes from all TT Lovers from Karnataka is with our wonderful team.  Good luck, Team Karnataka!

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